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  • SLM windows Sapphire reactors
SLM windows Sapphire reactors

SLM windows Sapphire reactors

  • Product description: SLM windows Sapphire reactors

SLM windows Sapphire reactors

Series Number:SLM windows Sapphire reactors

Vessel Sizes:50-500ML

Maximum Operating Temperature: 200

Maximum Operating Pressure:10/20/30Mpa

Characteristics of Sapphire crystal

Sapphire crystal--- the hardest oxide crystal, the most basic single crystal form of aluminium oxide (Al2O3); it has a series of excellent physical and chemical properties including high strength, high hardness, resistance to high temperature, frication and corrosion, good light transmittance performance, well electric insulation performance, etc. Thus, it can be widely applied in various fields with steep demands like national defense, scientific research and civil industry.

Main characteristics and application of Sapphire:

1. With resistance to wear, high hardness, resistance to corrosion and small friction coefficient, it is the most optimal material for precision instruments, machinery and bearings;

2. With excellent light transmittance performance, it is also the preferred material for covers of luxury watches;

3. With high strength, resistance to corrosion, high thermal conductivity, high light transmittance performance and wide optical transparency range (from near ultraviolet band to 7um middle-infrared band), it is a kind of ideal windows material as well as optical element material;

4. With superior electric insulation performance, hexagonal symmetrical structure, stable chemical properties, it is a kind of wonderful semiconductor or superconductive substrate material (small drain capacitance and stray capacitance)

5. With small lattice constant mismatching ratio between Sapphire C-face and -V and --family deposited film (mismatching ratio between it and GaN is less than 4%), it is currently the main material for extension substrates for GaN blue LED and LD.