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Precautions of High Pressure Steam Sterilizer

Precautions of High Pressure Steam Sterilizer

High-pressure steam sterilizer is also known as autoclave, sterilizer autoclave, it has many different series, such as automatic steam sterilizer, class B dental autoclave, vertical pressure steam sterilizer, hospital steam sterilizer etc..

Notes for sterilizer autoclave:

(1) The articles to be sterilized should not be placed too tightly.

(2) The cold air must be removed sufficiently, otherwise the temperature in the pot can not reach the prescribed temperature, which will affect the sterilization effect.

High Pressure Steam Sterilizer

(3) After sterilization, no ventilation and decompression should be allowed, otherwise the liquid in the bottle will boil violently, flush the bottle plug and overflow, even cause the container to burst. The cap can not be opened until the pressure in the sterilizer is reduced to the same as the atmospheric pressure.

(4) Oil paper or kraft paper should be wrapped on the cotton stopper of the test tube or bottle containing the culture medium to prevent condensation water from entering.

sterilizer autoclave

(5) In order to ensure the automatic steam sterilizer effect, the sterilization effect should be checked regularly. The commonly used method is to place sulfur powder (melting point is 115 C) or benzoic acid (melting point is 120 C) in the test tube, and then carry out sterilization test. If the above substances melt, it shows that the temperature in the high-pressure steam sterilizer has met the requirements, and the sterilization effect is reliable. It is also possible to paste the adhesive paper (with temperature sensitive indicators) to the outer package of the articles to be sterilized, such as the discoloration of the indicator on the adhesive paper, which also shows that the vertical pressure steam sterilizer  effect is reliable.

automatic steam sterilizer

(6) Now there is a microprocessor-controlled high-pressure steam sterilizer. The instrument can automatically regulate the constant pressure and time by putting out the air-conditioner. When the time comes, the power supply will be cut off automatically and the whistle will be whistled. It is very convenient to use.

vertical pressure steam sterilizer

Application of high pressure steam sterilizer:

For the most commonly used sterilization method, 101.33 kPa is usually used for 15-20 minutes, which can achieve the purpose of sterilizing articles.

This method( High Pressure Steam Sterilizer ) can be used to sterilize all high temperature and humidity resistant articles, such as common culture media, saline water, clothing, gauze, glass equipment, etc.


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