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Installation Process of CO2 Incubator

Installation Process of CO2 Incubator

CO2 incubators are widely used in the research and production of medicine, oncology, genetics, microbiology, agricultural science and pharmacology. The principle of carbon dioxide incubators is to simulate a growth environment similar to cells/tissues in organisms. For example, constant acidity and alkalinity, stable temperature (37 degree C), high relative humidity (95%) and stable CO2 concentration (5%) are used to culture cells/tissues in vitro.

Now let’s see the installation of the CO2 incubator.

Methods and procedures:

1. The installation of carbon dioxide incubator is mainly divided into two parts:

The first is the connection debugging of pressure relief valve and cylinder.

The second is the debugging of equipment (temperature and carbon dioxide concentration).

2. The selection of pressure relief valve and cylinder can be prepared according to the requirements in the equipment specification. The first job is to connect the pressure relief valve, cylinder and equipment. The decompressor of the CO2 cylinder is connected with the equipment in the correct way with the silicone hose and elastic buckle with random belts, so as to ensure that the hose will not fall off during the working process, and the raw material belt can also be wound to prevent air leakage at the interface.

3. Carbon dioxide incubator is divided into air-jacket and water-jacket. If it is water-jacket, water needs to be added next. Water must be added with pure water to avoid scaling.

4. After checking the installation of the equipment is correct, the next step is debugging. After the equipment is powered on, the humidifier plate and distilled water are put into the bottom of the box at 2/3 position. Adjust the temperature to the required temperature, usually 37 C. Wait for the temperature to stabilize.

5. When the temperature is stable, the concentration of carbon dioxide is set to the required value, usually 5%. After setting up, the next step is to adjust the pressure relief valve and loosen the control knob on the pressure relief valve completely before opening the cylinder. Then open the cylinder, slowly twist the adjusting knob in, the range must be small, the output pressure is generally adjusted to 0.06-0.1Mpa.

After the adjustment is completed, wait for the intake to stabilize.

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